Maxim Outdoor Corn Furnaces
Outdoor Wood Pellet
and Corn Furnace
How the Maxim Heats your home, domestic water or other
Maxim Features and Benefits
The Maxim outdoor wood pellet and corn furnace provides thermostatically
controlled Hydronic heat for an entire home, multiple buildings, domestic
water and more.  The utilization of renewable energy, the clean burn and the
efficiency makes this furnace environmentally friendly.

Automatic Power Ignition- Starts and restarts as needed, no hand
starting or use of starting gels required.

Large Fuel Storage Capacity- The large self-contained 7 bushel hopper
means filling the furnace less often, allowing the furnace to heat for days on
a single fuel load.  Large top loading hopper door allows easy access to the
hopper for filling and is lockable.

Safety and Less Mess- Installed outside, or in a non-habitable structure,
the non-pressurized furnace removes the mess and combustion associated
with traditional indoor wood or corn stoves from inside the home.
(Must be installed
in accordance with all applicable codes and regulations)

Fire Star Electronic Controller- Provides user with easy operation of the
furnace with just the touch of a button.

Heat Output- Self modulating and adjusts between idle, normal and high
settings as the heat demand changes.  The furnace has a Btu range of up to

New Technology Rotating Aerator(Patent Pending)- Located in the
center of the burn chamber, the aerator is submerged in the fuel bed and
supplies oxygen to the fuel for the most complete combustion, allowing the
furnace to achieve efficiencies up to 80% plus.  
(Efficiency is dependent upon fuel quality and
furnace settings)

High Heat Transfer System- 8-tube heat exchange system provides
maximum heat conversion.

Easy Access Panel- Provides convenient hook-up and housing for up to
two pumps.

Optional Transfer Auger- Allows user to access fuel supply from
Optional 43 Bushel Hex Hopper or a larger external bin allowing the
furnace to heat for weeks on a single loading.

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